Agencies and Clinicians

Welcome to the NEMSIS page dedicated to EMS agencies and EMS clinicians.

As an EMS agency leader or clinician we want you to understand the value that your local data collections efforts mean to the NEMSIS project:

  • Your data provides an understanding of what is happening within your agency and community and provides opportunities to modify services in ways beneficial to your community.
  • Your data provides a way to measure if changes in policies or protocols are having the desired effect and bringing value to the agency.
  • Your data empowers you to be more confident in decisions and to meet the needs of the agency and community by providing situational awareness.
  • Your data helps provide the information needed to request and allocate resources appropriately.

Your data collection efforts are appreciated at the local, state, and national level. Visit for more resource information related to NHTSA’s role in EMS activities.

Please utilize the public tools created for you below. These tools provide general data browsing access to a subset of data elements extracted from the National EMS Database.