V3 Custom Element Library

Version 3 Custom Element Library

The NEMSIS TAC collects information about custom elements based on what State and Territories have identified and implemented.

National Custom Element Informational Documents

  1. CMS Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport Project (ET3) – ET3 Custom Dispositions for NEMSIS 3.4.0 (Updated 01/12/2021)
  2. Infectious Disease – Infectious Disease National Custom Elements (Updated 02/01/2021)
  3. Immunization and Vaccination – Immunization and Vaccination National Custom Data Elements (Updated 01/13/2021)
  4. V3.5 Critical Patch #4 – Updating eInjury.03 and eInjury.04 to the 2021 Trauma Triage Criteria (Updated 06/05/2023)

Access the Custom Element Library – The custom element library contains the national custom elements, NASEMSO suggested elements, and all state custom elements within a statedataset. Please note, if your state or agency wants to utilize a previously existing custom element, it is recommended to implement it exactly the same way to facilitate benchmarking and data comparisons.

National Custom Element List

Approaches to using NEMSIS V3 Custom Elements