V3 Schematron

What is Schematron?

This page contains information about Schematron, which is used in the NEMSIS Version 3 Data Standard to achieve better quality by enforcing business rules and other constraints that cannot be enforced in the NEMSIS XML Schemas

Schematron is a rule-based language for XML document validation. Schematron is an international standard defined in ISO/IEC 19757-3:2016.

Version 3 National Schematron Rules were developed in plain English through a consensus process by the NASEMSO Data Manager Council (DMC). The DMC membership was interested in a set of national rules designed to help assist EMS agencies across the nation document the national elements appropriately based primarily on good judgement and some clinical decision making. Using the plain English rules, NEMSIS TAC developed pattern-based national Schematron rules which were first published in 2014.

The latest update to the national Schematron rules was released on October 01, 2021 for v3.5.0, and March 20, 2020 for v3.4.0. See the NEMSIS Schematron Change Log for details.

NEMSIS v3.5.0.230317CP4 National Schematron Rules

NEMSIS v3.4.0.200320 National Schematron Rules


Schematron Files:

National Schematron Library

The national schematron library is a web-based tool users can access to browse all schematron rules from states, territories, special projects, and national rules.

Browse the National Schematron Library

State-specific Schematron Rules
To view state-specific Schematron rules, click on each state from the Version 3 Interactive Map
To view state Schematron File Validation Process

NEMSIS Version 3 Schematron Trainings and Workshops