EMS Educators

Educators play a critical role in developing and sustaining EMS as an emerging evidence-based out-of-hospital medical care system. Information collected when an EMS professional submits an ePCR is aggregated into state and national databases. The elements gathered at the national level comprise the National NEMSIS database. These elements are used by researchers and decision-makers in developing and improving policy, protocols, and procedures at local, regional and national levels.

Educators teach clinicians that the time spent in completing a quality patient care report has far-reaching effects on creating and sustaining a data-driven culture in EMS with a primary focus on improved patient care and responder safety.

The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (NEMSIS TAC) is available to help educators explain the value of good data collection and to provide tools to understand and use the information collected.

Use the links below to access interactive dashboards and the National EMS Data Cube.