6. Who may acquire a NEMSIS account to access state-level data?

Each state is allowed four NEMSIS User Accounts. Those accounts are assigned to the following individuals: EMS Data Manager, EMS Medical Director, EMS Director, and the EMSC Program Manager. Request a user account here: https://test.nemsis.org/request-a-nemsis-account/

If you are not a state-level EMS official and need to request data, please consider the following options for obtaining state-level data:

1. Visit the Emergency Medical Services website for the state of interest and review the procedures for acquiring access to state-level data.

2. Contact the state EMS office, explain the purpose for needing the data and make your request directly to the EMS Data Manager. Contact information for EMS Data Managers can be found on the NEMSIS website (www.nemsis.org). Click on the state of interest on the national map.

Please see NEMSIS User Account policy here: https://test.nemsis.org/nemsis-user-account-policy/

If you have questions, please submit a Help Desk Ticket at https://nemsis.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals