V3 Vendor Data Submission Dashboard

The Vendor Version 3 Data Submission dashboard provides information related to submission of the v3 National Subset of the EMS DataSet (PCR activation) data based on Accepted PCR Detail. The goal of this dashboard is to provide NEMSIS TAC Collect Data compliant software vendors with timely actionable information on the status and quality of data collected and submitted to NEMSIS. Information in this report included accepted PCRs, schematron violations by day, day of week, and time. The software company representative can filter by Submitting State, Software Version, EMS Agency Number, and Submission Date Range. Visualizations include average schematron violations per PCR based on incident zip code, element and EMS Agency, but also average violations by schematron pattern, and schematron warning message, and software package and version. Functionality of the dashboard allows the user to click on a section of the visualization which updates the others, providing even further detail. This report will allow software companies to work with their clients to improve documentation and ultimately improve patient care. Results are not available at the PCR level. This report updates weekly by 2100 Mountain Time every Sunday. For more information regarding how to use this dashboard, as well as the criteria used to select records, see the companion document.