Timely Submission Letter from OEMS

As discussed during v3 Implementation Calls and in NASEMSO Director and Data Managers meetings, the NEMSIS TAC is providing a letter from Dr. Jon Krohmer, Director of NHTSA’s Office of EMS, regarding timely data submissions.

The value of and demand for EMS data has moved beyond just research and well into “public health surveillance, responsive resource allocation, the evaluation of innovative payment models, and the creation of novel evidence-based EMS delivery systems.” This can only be accomplished if EMS patient care reports are completed and submitted in a timely manner.

Many states/territories already require data submission within 24 hours of closing the call. For those who aren’t there yet, please share this request with your state/territory offices of EMS, EMS agencies, software developers, and legislators that impact rules and implementation of submission requirements.

Please reach out to the NEMSIS TAC with any questions or concerns.