Version 3 Federal Dashboards

Many of the dashboards on this page require a specific username and password to access the information.

If you do not have a NEMSIS account, please click here to request one. If you forgot your username or password, use forgot password to reset the password.

Data presented within these dashboards have been staged to facilitate interactive analytics with rapid refresh.  Thus, dashboard results support high-level data inquiries and trending.  In-depth analyses of NEMSIS data for research purposes or hypothesis testing should rely on case-level data made available through the NEMSIS TAC (see:

Email Subscription to Tableau Reports: Stakeholders with a NEMSIS User Account can set up an email subscription to have a Tableau report sent directly to their email. Dashboards are generally updated weekly so subscription frequency should not exceed weekly. Use the “Subscribe” tab at the bottom of the report to set up.

Version 3 NHTSA Regional Motor Vehicle Crash Dashboard

Version 3 NHTSA Motor Vehicle Crash Severity Dashboard